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Becca & Parker Bowman begin attending Westwood in 2009. While at Westwood they were both active in youth and took over as Legacy Leaders this summer. The Bowmans strive to build?meaningful and long lasting relationships for our students. They aim to make youth services a fun experience that will engage students and provide an environment they will want to be apart of!


Legacy aims to incorporate students by creating a family environment where they can perfect their walk with Christ while learning to serve and glorify God in everything they do.

No matter who you are, you will leave a Legacy. In one way or another, you are destined to leave an impact in everyone you’ve known. That idea is what is at the core of Legacy Student Ministries. We know and understand that every student is going to leave a legacy when they leave this earth. Our goal is to make that a Legacy worth leaving. In Legacy there are four major stages of development we strive to achieve.

1. Reach

The first stage of our ministry here at Legacy is to reach students who are lost or alone. We intend to provide a shelter of acceptance and friendship between students from every walk of life. No student is to be turned away and no student should be denied the right to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. No matter the way they dress, talk, walk or any other characteristic, each student has a right to hear what Jesus Christ has done for them. When you are at Legacy, you are not alone and you are not judged.

2. Serve

Second, we serve each and every student so that the atmosphere of belonging and acceptance continues beyond just our first encounter. Our staff of volunteer leaders are passionate about serving and loving each and every student. We believe that our leaders should be able to encourage students and be a positive influence in their lives. Every leader has had their own personal struggles as teens and are more than capable of helping students with anything they need. We believe strongly in the idea of servant leadership.

3. Mature

Our ministry is designed with spiritual growth in mind. Through media, games, and various small groups and events, our students are taught biblical principles in a way that is relevant and can be applied to their own lives as teens. We understand that teenagers in this day and age go through some very intense and often times difficult struggles and we want to give them the instruction and knowledge to help them live a Christ-centered life. We want each student to grow in Christ from their first service as a seventh grader all the way until their last day as a senior. This goal is best described through our Legacy Life Verse:
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

4. Advance

The final step in the Legacy Student Ministries process is to advance each student so that as they leave, they are empowered to do the will of God and to go and lead their own ministries whatever those may be. We do our best to give each student the tools and knowledge required to go out into the world and live a life that is on fire for Christ. Every ministry should strive to do one thing: “Advance the Kingdom of God” and that is exactly what Legacy strives to do.



For more information please email us at:info@wcffamily.com

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