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Legacy meets at 6:45 pm every Wednesday Night

We Believe that teens and young adults that build strong relationships within the church have a higher rate of being committed followers for life. Our Teen Ministries help students discover Gods purpose in their life and launch them into adulthood on a firm foundation based on God’s word.

Legacy is about building a Legacy in our children and families, Legacy is more than just a Student ministry it’s a family ministry. Legacy is committed to discipling both Parents and Teens. Lets face it being a parent of a teenager is tough and being a teenager is tough, but your not alone we are here for you. We seek to help Teenagers discover Gods calling in their life and to help Parents be the influence that cultivates that calling.

Legacy strives to provide encouragement and guidance to Teens through four main influences.

4 pillars of  influences to youth, in order of influence.

1. Parents

2. Leaders/Youth Pastor/Pastor

3. Church body

4. Youth peers


Legacy spiritual and main goals:

Youth would understand who God is, what Jesus has done, and that he is coming back. The youth would have an urgency to reach the world with the Gospel. We accomplish this by,

  • Teaching and Preaching is out of biblical truth.
  • Discipleship through relationships and classroom type settings.
  • Offering students opportunities to serve.
  • Helping students identify and use the gifting’s that God has placed within them.


Lifestyle would reflect Jesus Christ. Live a sanctified life.

  • Commit to purity in word and deed.
  • Love all peoples,no matter the differences
  • Love God (love scripture and spending time with God in prayer and scripture)
  • Evangelistically driven by the realization that Christ is coming back and the earth will be judged, wanting none to perish
  • Live out of generosity ex. Poor, needy, missions support, local church
  • Understand the gifting’s that God has placed within them and already be using them.
  • See the calling in their life, be learning and training toward that call.


Legacy is dedicated to helping parents understand their role as parent.

Parent goals:

  • Parents would see the gifting that God has put in their child
  • Parents would be able to guide the process of building up and increasing that gift
  • Parents would see and accept the calling in their child’s life
  • Parents would be modeling a Christian lifestyle and cling to that which is good and run from that which is evil.
  • Parents understand thier God given role as parent
  1. protector
  2. cultivator
  3. steward
  4. priest
  5. coach



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