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Westwood Worship presents:

A Westwood original ALIVE



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Who do you say I am?



Title: Who do you say I am?

Series:: Son of God

Speaker:: Curtis Tucker

Date:: 2/2/2014


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Current Series
 Transformation 2


Do you ever notice that you are still struggling with some “issues” within yourself that you shouldn’t be. You know the right thing to do but you just can’t seem to do it consistently.

If we truly are a new creation in Christ why can’t we seem to overcome some of these issues and what can we do about it?

Join us as we take a journey together; a journey to discover who we really are in Christ and how we can truly have TRANSFORMATION in our lives.

Click Here For Audio messages on this series.

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At Westwood Christian Fellowship, we are all about family!  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you think about God, Westwood is a place where you belong.

Learn more about our Vision & Values here.

Service Times ::

Sunday morning worship @ 10:30

Wednesday evening activities for the entire family beginning @ 6:00pm

See our full schedule here.

Where are you located? ::

1010 South Bowie Dr.
Weatherford, TX 76086

See map here.

What should I expect? ::

The heart and focus of Westwood is to provide an environment where people can connect to God in a real way in our weekend service and connect with others in genuine friendships. Our services are casual and laid back where people can truly connect with God through fun worship and message from the Bible.

What do you have for kids? ::

We have events and activities for kids of all ages during our gatherings:

Nursery (0-3 yrs)
Pre-school Kidz Club (4yrs-K)
Kidz Club (1st – 5th grade)

Learn more here.

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Unhindered Vision Campaign



What if there was nothing holding you back? What if everything that keeps us from “running the race” was no longer there?  Imagine what it would be like if Westwood was running full speed into Gods purposes. Imagine whole families being restored?  Can you see whole neighborhoods being reached with the gospel?  What would happen to our community when the church becomes what it was designed to be?

What Hinders our community?  What Hinders families?  What Hinders you?

This year let us throw off everything that Hinders, This year let us run Unhindered


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We should not ask God to bless what we are doing, but rather do what God is blessing- Pastor Curtis Tucker



God has blessed Westwood with young families and children.

On any given Sunday 1/3 of Westwood’s congregation is under  12.

That’s about 70 children every Sunday morning.

God is blessing this church to reach families and that’s what we want to do. More than ever our community needs a place and a people that can help break the cycle of divorce and brokenness that is so prevalent in our society. We believe that God wants to use the church as his instrument to bring healing and hope to the community around us.  This community needs Jesus, this community needs a church who will rise up and take on the assignment that God has for his people, to be a light in the darkness and a city on a hill.  We are taking this assignment, we can make a difference in this community, we can bring the love of Christ to this city.

Here is the Vision:

Families being served

Children and Youth being mentored

Ministry’s formed

Outreach to the community

Small Groups expanded

The Gospel of Jesus Christ being spread.

Facilities upgraded to better serve the community

What it will take to be Unhindered:

Unhindered  leaders: We need 15 new leaders to facilitate new ministry’s, outreach and life groups

Unhindered Prayer:  25 people a week to pray prophetically for God’s direction for the church at least one hour per week.

Unhindered devotion: 100 people to have private Devotions 5 out of 7 days per week

Unhindered Groups: 12 new Life Groups formed

Unhindered Ministries: Ministries funded, expanded and staffed so the word of God is not Hindered.

Unhindered Facilities: Children’s Center Remodeled to allow for growth physically and spiritually, rooms designed for specific age groups and more security features added to protect children. Main sanctuary upgraded to meet the needs of the community.

Unhindered Evangelism and missions:  Everyone to identify at least one non-Christian or unchurched person or family to pray for, serve and invite to church every 90 days.  Launch 3 new people into the mission field full time.

Unhindered Outreach:  2 new avenues of Outreach to serve our community.

Unhindered Finances: “The Gospel is free but ministry takes money”

$90,000 pledged and raised to the God given vision and mission of Westwood

10% of  Vision funds will be tithed to missions/evangelism/PR                   $9000.00

Children’s center upgrade                                                                                            $50,000

Media upgrades                                                                                                                $2,000

Building maintenance                                                                                                    $2,000

Ministries funded (Royal Rangers/Girls Min/children’s/nursery             $5,000

Sanctuary upgrades (foyer, carpet, chairs, ceiling repaired)                      $20,000

It’s not about the building it’s about the kingdom, It’s not about the money it’s about ministry.

If would like to be a part of the Unhindered vision of  Westwood please email us at pastorcurtis@wcffamily.com



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