How Do We Grow?   Recently updated !

Speaker:: Julian Garcia

Date:: 7-25-2016

Series:: You Asked for it

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Encounters and Relationship

What is the difference between having an encounter with Christ and having a relationship with him?

Let’s talk about that.

Series:: You Asked For It!

Speaker:: Neill Rowe

Date:: 7-16-2016


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How should Followers of Christ react to the issues of today?

Speaker:: Curtis Tucker

Series:: You asked for it!

Date:: 07/03/2016

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Do the sins of our fathers really pass on to the next generation?

Title:: Sins of our Fathers

Speaker:: Curtis Tucker

Date:: 6/19/2016

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How do we balance real life and mission work?

You Asked For It BannerSeries:: You Asked For It 2016

Title:: How do we balance real life and mission work?

Date:: 6-5-2016

Curtis Tucker


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